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Researchers Discover Control for Devastating Disease in Texas Vineyards

A product that helped stop a 100-year-old battle with a cotton disease in Texas has been proven effective in stopping the same fungus from devastating vineyards, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Research plant pathologist. "There are a lot of... Read More...

2015 Harvest at Conly Orchard

TOGAC member Conly Orchard just finished a successful 2015 harvest. Here are some amazing photos from that harvest, as well as milling at Texas Hill Country Olive Company with Master Miller Gianni Stefanini.

Olive Oil Polyphenols Reduce Bad Cholesterol and Plaque Formation

The results of a recent study have again shown that the polyphenols found in olive oil reduce cardiovascular risks. Published this month in the Journal of Nutrition, the study “Olive Oil Polyphenols Decrease LDL Concentrations and LDL... Read More...